Game Development for Social Media

Sneha Technologies (SnehaTech) is an independent game development studio based out of Suwanee, Georgia, that specializes in taking in-house video game concepts and developing them for Facebook and other social media. We provides adults with lighthearted, engaging games with socially responsible messages.Our first game, "SEDUCTION", will be available on Facebook in the near future.

The core team at SnehaTech has decades of experience in the gaming business, and are working on a series of innovative games for social media. As avid gamers, we have stopped looking for the perfect casual game experience, and instead have decided to make it ourselves.

norse farm village
castle walls concept

Recent News

October 01, 2011
Sneha Technologies has officially launched its first game title "SEDUCTION" in beta.Our new game is built around a properietory rule based gaming framework harnessing proven open-source, scalable technologies such as MVC web patterns used in Spring,Hibernate & Codeignitor.This gaming framework offers incredible versatility and enables us launch new game titles quickly and efficiently.
August 5, 2011
Today Sneha Technologies was awarded seed startup funding from Techcoast Angels for 350,000USD, with the purpose of developing the company's primary game and IT middleware prototype. The award will allow us to finish development and launch our first game title in few days.